7 Factors to Consider When Carrying Out Farm Shop Construction

7 Factors to Consider When Carrying Out Farm Shop Construction

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Do you want to do farm shop construction, Alberta? Alberta is a province in Western Canada. It has a beautiful landscape that has prairies, mountains and vast forests. It also has rich mineral deposits and more than 600 Lakes. Its climate makes it ideal for carrying out farming activities.

Therefore, there are many farm shop construction companies in Alberta. That’s because of the many agricultural products that it produces. Farm shops are small retail outlets that sell products directly from farms.

They also sell related products that are produced locally, for example, foods, drinks and groceries. This guide looks at 7 factors to consider when carrying out farm shop construction, Alberta.

They Are:


• When carrying out farm shop construction, Alberta, think about its location. That’s because it should be near the local population in Alberta.

• You should also consider its future, for example, it should have enough space for expansion.


• Consider notifying local authorities in Alberta province about your intention of putting up a farm shop.

• That’s because depending on which City you are in, and if you are selling fresh farm produce, you may need to have permission.

Food Safety

• Another factor to consider during farm shop construction, Alberta is food safety. That’s because your workers need to have food handler’s certificates. That applies to anybody selling fresh food products.

• That ensures that you sell food that is fit for human consumption. Keep in mind those food products have the most regulations in the retail market.

Customers and Employees

• When carrying out farm shop construction Alberta, you should think about the numbers of employees and customer you intend to employ or serve.

• For employees, the average number is usually nine. The number of clients will also decide on how big your farm shop will become.

Construction Company

• Choose the building company carefully. That’s because there are many construction companies in Alberta. One tip is by ensuring you hire construction businesses that have both workers and general liability insurance.

• That enables you to avoid unnecessary costs, for example paying the medical costs for injured workers or damages arising out of their construction work to your property.


• Make sure you insure your farm shop with commercial insurance. That ensures your business gets covered against factors such fire, floods, theft and vandalism.

• You should also ensure that that you pay premiums that match the value of your farm shop. That avoids disputes with insurance companies when it comes to claiming.

Sales Forecasts

• Although you can’t foresee the future, ensure that you hire qualified accountants, for example, chartered public accountants. You can hire either them full time or part time depending on your budget.

• They have training about business strategies and how to control and seal loopholes.

What to Do

• Hire local construction companies that have physical addresses in Alberta province. That enables you to claim for any unprofessional work that may need repairs.

• Deal with insurance brokers that have offices in Alberta. That ensures you can quickly lay claims from their insurance providers.

• Make sure you purchase both workers and general liability insurance. That ensures your business runs smoothly.


Carrying out farm shop construction, Alberta should be easier using the above guide. The key points to remember are hiring construction companies in Alberta that understand local building codes and purchasing both workers and general liability insurance.

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